The Divine Feminine : “HERSTORY” not “HISTORY”

And so we continue to have the Masculine energies control and possibly destroy our sacred planet and universe. Through warfare, global warming,hunger, and more than anything the territorial scenting glands that the Divine Male is gifted with. Many times I have observed in life the bad behavior of men specifically if they do not get what they want. Sadly I have been told “it’s a man’s world”. Well look where that has gotten us people.!!!!! Now I am not saying that the feminine race has not been without her faults but I point out very briefly the “HISTORY” and the “HERSTORY” of the human race. Specifically the treatment of women along the way. Harems, Slave trading, Rape camps, NO voting until 1920, no rights about child-birth, real-estate, or birth control etc…I am focusing on the Divine Feminine and her heartache. There are many issues on both sides in all categories but I am trying to point out that what has trickled into the Ballroom World and certain treatment of one another stems from these practices and learned behaviors.

The Divine Feminine is an energy that must be honored until the end of times. Mother Earth is the ultimate Divine Feminine. Women are the nurturers of the planet and their fellow human beings. They are beaten down to have to acquiesce to all different lower stations in life, and forced to accept low comprehension of themselves. Politics, CEOs, unequal pay and if they do perform better than their male counter parts they are labeled a “BITCH”! I always remember a famous quote from Frederick Douglas regarding slavery. To paraphrase he stated “He would rather be a an African-American Male Slave Then a Woman”. He more than anyone understood the pecking order.

The abusive interaction of partners toward each other is with the initial misconception that one must lead and one must follow. We have an incorrect set up and situation from the get go. How can one human being be put in that position physically, mentally, emotionally or otherwise without losing their integrity, identity, or dignity? And on top of that using another person’s state of mind or possible imperfect body alignments and or techniques as the gauge? The situation disenfranchises the “follower” immediately and in my opinion the Divine Feminine cannot relate to the Divine Masculine no matter how hard they may pretend. Hence the non-organic connection and unfulfilled weight shift between partners is born.

Techniques may be introduced to reinforce the basic fundamental treatment of each other. Possibly establishing guidelines and common vocabularies to help people enjoy their life’s purpose. Sharing their journey on this planet depends on treatment and awareness of self and their fellow human beings and all the other predominant kingdoms. They are there and must be acknowledged. They are not going away. One must figure them into the formulas as well. This is the beginning of the Collective Ballroom Consciousness.

Again I say the “old” ways are thinning and losing ground very quickly. Bullying techniques are no longer tolerated in the school systems amongst children as well as in the work place or in the streets. Power and its misuse will not guarantee you or your loved ones good health or your next trophy. The Divine Feminine is a state of mind and consciousness. All who embrace this energy shall prevail for the next cycle which has already begun and will continue to rebirth for the December 2012 date. But I must say in their favor quite a few men have changed their ways which does bring a sigh of relief but still it’s nowhere near enough. Unfortunately when some horrific or life altering sickness or event has touched or effected them do men open their body mind and spirit to this magnificent energy. Well better late than never. And on the other hand not all women are hooked into their power even though it is their birthright. Sometimes they have to be reminded about the gifts they came in with. Why not start with the art of Ballroom Dance?

BALLROOMOLOGY tm is dedicated to getting the balance back into the program. The Divine Feminine shall be acknowledged as an important and equal part in this equation of Ballroom and Latin Dance. The balance of this planet and the next generation depends on it. Opening your Body Mind and Spirit to the Divine Feminine will not only enhance your being but will allow you to view the Art of Ballroom Dance with new eyes. Creating the “Moving Meditation” between dancers ensures the growth and healing for all involved regarding this unsurpassable ART form and life style known as Ballroom Dance! The Divine Feminine with “HERSTORY”……. pay attention, stay alert if she gifts you with a visit be ready to receive it. Take it and by all means CHERISH it. It is only a matter of time. SO BE IT!

Bonnie Diaz
All rights reserved
Copyright Bonnie Diaz 2012

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The American Style Congress – Take 2

The Second annual American Style Congress was presented this past Friday Feb 24th at the Roosevelt Hotel in association with the New York Dance Festival sponsored by Mr.Edward Simon and Mr. Sam Sodano. I reviewed only the first session dealing with the smooth dances and subjects so here it is. I am not going to list everyones credentials and titles etc. All are either former or current champions.

Opening the Congress were Michelle Officer and Mayo Alanen. Their theme was the evolution and choreography for the Viennese Waltz. Michelle emphasized that their was no one answer for where it comes from. Mayo mentioned visual effects like you tube and dance videos and movies for inspiration.Responding to songs feeling the body inside and out as well as seeing shapes in space. They mostly related their process of how they develop their dancing and ideas and then shared this process with the audience.
1. Verbalize
2. Demonstrate by ones self
3. Do body and dance in receiver mode (meaning accept partners idea with no resistance)
4.Collaborate to both create the idea or step to materialize
5. Michelle chatted about drawing in space for another way to communicate or to sing to your partner.
They both emphasized a safe environment for the partnership to have artistry and creativity.
They also showed several variations and and how to develop the different dance positions starting with the basic the left turn. And developed several variations from there.

Next up was Izabella Jundzill and Mazen Hamza: This gentleman’s voice and manner reminds of Rod Sterling in the old TV show The “Twilight Zone” Very soothing. Strong well matched couple with good knowledge of shaping and partnering. They demonstrated good technique using Tango fan variations for creating different effects in their choreography and stressed a lot of attention on working the weight and shapes of the partnership with equal and opposite energy lines. Good demonstrating all round.

Third in the line up was Marzena Stachura and Slawek Sochacki. The reigning United States Champions. They gave Kudos to their mentors Richard Porter and Ruud Vermey and demonstrated several ways to do the same variation with different “Laban” techniques(bound ,heavy etc) resulting in different effects and utilizing different dynamic principles.They were specific with weight space flow and time and demonstrated all superbly.They also lectured on the importance of staying true to your story, emotions and musicality. As well as dancing each round different from the next. Obviously this couple has researched their work well and does a beautiful job of demonstrating with conscious connection and intelligence. As well as working with a strong balance of closed and open positions.

The fourth lecture of the day was my favorite Jeannie and Charlie Penatello. Jeannie gave a brilliant historical lecture of the American Style beginnings starting with the Harvest Moon Ball and bringing us forward with wonderful inspiring information of each decade up to the present time. Including names of influential people, places, costumes addressing why and when things changed. A really fantastic job. Of course Charlie did steal her thunder just for a few minutes when he demonstrated the original style of American Smooth dancing with toe leads. But they both sealed the deal with their wonderful impromptu version of the Peabody. Once again congratulations to Ms. Penatello for sharing her tremendous heart felt and first hand knowledge with us. I only wish more current professionals had been in the room to enjoy this brilliant ladies lecture and information.

Number five on the list were Lena and Nick Kosovich. Nick started the lecture with his background and his wife’s back ground and their differences and how Ballet brought them together. This couple also stressed their system of work which was very informative. Parallel feet a must along with working basic actions and fundamentals Actions were expressed this way.
1. Bending.
2. Stretching
3.Contracting(least used)
4. Twisting/Turning
5.Traveling: Front, Back, Diagonal,Up and Down
6.Balance: On and off with counter balance.

He also mentioned “WEST”(Effort) Weight, Energy, Space and Time
They both demonstrated together the results of using or not using these actions

Number six was Michael Mead. He stated his theme as “Where have we been and where are we going”? He made a few comparisons to the Oscars and the movie The Artist as well as and the silent movies to the Black and Whites to color and sound etc..and compared that to the style of Ballroom Dance. He also mentioned communication, emotional content and sharing that with the audience. He stressed some elements of important such as: Foot to foot actions,sway, rotation, posture, partnering and utilizing different directions.

Closing the Ballroom sessions was they very colorful couple of JT Thomas and Tomas Mielnicki. They mentioned how to develop your own style and personalities on the dance floor. Style would be personal choices in all areas. Color, light and shade etc. They did some wonderful comparisons of American Couples past and present and what their preferred style is relating to shapes. Being a vertical couple or a shaping couple. A very interesting viewpoint. And Tomas gave a wonderful version of how “Emotions” can fix technique. And really had the audience relating to his interpretation of fixing a promenade position as watching and responding to a sunset on the beach.

Congratulations to all the couples for a job well done. It is easy to be critical but in the end it is very difficult to lecture out there all by yourself especially with your peers watching ones every nuance and movement. Again we should be grateful and Thankful to Mr. Edward Simon and Mr. Sam Sodano for the opportunity to once again share ideas in this American Style Forum. Looking forward to next year.

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Bonnie Diaz
creator Ballroomology tm

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Ballroom Consciousness or Apocalypse?

My first thought: Is there such a thing? Does this relate to the individual, to the universal collective consciousness or to the awakening of spirituality which is predicted by the end of 2012. I say yes to all of the above.

We as human beings have a soul other wise known as our GPS system. We know organically whether something is right or wrong. How we choose to act with this data I suppose separates the good from the bad. If there is such a thing. Darkness stated by the enlightened Masters is “just the absence of light”.

In sharing BALLROOMOLGY tm with the intention of incorporating the awareness of Body, Mind and Spirit it has started a ripple effect amongst the masses to learn correct and true data relating to their craft. Which upon instinct they know is true. Joyful is the feeling to watch people whether they be student or Master (if there is a difference?) to recall data on their own without depending on approval from others. Be it judge, delivery boy or soul mate. This empowers each individual to progress at their own pace and produce upon free will their desire to dance with comprehension and awareness. Gone will be the days of painful experiences in your dancing bodies. Upon reaching out and hooking up to the new age, spirituality and the Ballroom Collective will be supportive of all human, animal and plant kingdoms. Once people feel this they will never settle for anything less and they will never turn back! It is already in progress.

It is only a matter of time before the existing structure of the powers that be will be deconstructed. They will have no choice. Look at occupy Wall Street or the financial base of so many European countries that continue to collapse. People do not want to be controlled, manipulated given ultimatums or told what to do anymore. The materialistic energies will be shrinking sooner than one thinks. One can only depend on themselves and their relationship with the DIVINE (who or whatever that is for you) to be stable and secure. Know that the window and veil of this energy is closing fast. December 2012 SAVE THE DATE!

The planets according to the scientific community are closing in toward each other for the first time in centuries. This universal shift will be effecting all on this planet Earth and what a better way to celebrate then to open your Body, Mind and Soul to this new phenomena.This same scientific community has finally admitted to consulting spiritual masters because they know there is more out there then meets the eye.

In the end one cannot take their trophy with them. But they can take their energy with them and use it to give back to where they are supposed to be utilized. This spiritual shift is an amazing energy. By the end of 2012 we on this planet will be living a new way of life. Not because of the so-called Apocalypse theory that people fear. Never operate in fear. It will be that finally the masses will convert to a universal consciousness that will have all people acting and making decisions based on the best outcome for all involved.Those who choose to lean toward the dark sadly will have a very hard time surviving on our planet.

This WILL effect the Ballroom World. And I am looking forward to this. All levels of dancer will question their life purpose. They will question each others actions to teacher, student and friend alike. All who choose to follow the light will benefit to a state of PEACE OF MIND. No matter how many titles one racks up a trophy does not promise any kind of peace to your heart or soul. If one gets “excited” about events or situations that is not wrong but it is an up and down crash. You won a competition one day you lose the next .There is no “security” in those feeling. The Ballroom Collective’s job at this point is to ensure all are reinstating the love of the craft and ARTISTRY Ballroom Dance was originally supposed to supply for this planet. People want to feel good about themselves when they learn to dance. When they feel good-by knowing and duplicating the correct data to produce their product at any time all the world wins. It can only ripple to help all transition in these tumultuous times.

The goal of BALLROOMOLGY tm is to share as much knowledge and data as possible concerning Body Mind and Spirit so all may hook up to this magnificent new age of enlightenment to once again recall how we all love to dance and respond to music. My life’s purpose is to get the information out to the masses. What is yours? Once one remembers how GOOD IT FEELS TO EXPERIENCE JOY through dance there is no turning back. If you look back through history an individual usually thinks out of the box is strongly persecuted for it but in the end the masses adapt their concept. Very interesting no?

So yes there is a Ballroom Consciousness that will be in full force by the end of 2012. People will have drastic life altering changes. It is happening already. Your GPS system is guiding you to the next level. You might leave a long time partner, move to another state, leave your “safe” job for something else, change your approach to how to learn, work, honor and treat the art of Ballroom Dance. That will be your own person apocalypse. This equals TRANSFORMATION! I am here to share your journey. It will be something to look forward to always.

See you in the next dimension GOOD LUCK!

Bonnie Diaz


All rights reserved

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Bonnie Diaz proudly presents: “BALLROOMOLOGY” ™ The Study of Ballroom Dance.

Embracing three categories. Body Mind and Spirit.

For many years I have been researching and trying to come up with a practical system to learn and teach Ballroom Dance from beginner to professional. The universe has sent me a variety of clientele to work with. I have had the privilege to work with Mentally and Physically challenged people as well as top dance champions and dance companies like Ballet Hispanico or be a returning guest teacher for Gelsey Kirkland. Bottom line is they ALL want to dance. The joy of this research has been that I am able to work with every population that has been gifted to me. Through much trial and error I might add. The Pregnant mother, the people just out of the hospital recovering from Brain Surgery, people with MS or with extreme Scoliosis. The “older crowd” who are my personal favorites the oldest being ninety plus moving and still dancing strong! In the end everyone eventually wants to dance to the best of their ability and achieve a better quality of life on and off the dance floor. So here is my gift to the world “BALLROOMOLOGY” ™ “The Body Mind and Spirit Dance Consciousness”

Utilizing and understanding Kinetic Energies in the body as well as Anatomical Placement to produce a healthier functional lifestyle, a consistent stellar dance performance or a successful teaching platform.
Incorporating Core Placement, Body Shaping and Style and Technique to connect with your body as a whole and unite with others using the same information and data. A “common vocabulary” if you will.

Using Mental imaging and Clarity to help identify what muscles joints and bones etc.. are in the body and how they function to create the dance form or product desired. Example: Which of the six external hip rotators are used most to create turn out. That would be the Piriformus Muscle. Identify it learn the place of origin and insertion of those muscles and use that active image to send the impulse to that area to produce and maintain a beautiful Rumba walk. Also using exercises from some one like Master Choa Kok Sui and his SuperBrainYoga (to illuminate and stimulate both sides of the brain) are one of my favorites for Mental Clarity. Many others are available to choose from.

A personal choice. But one must acknowledge love of oneself, the dance, honor the craft and other life forms on the planet. After being guided to complete the Body Mind process the ripple effect of the heart opening results in little or no effort to follow your inner guidance system. The result is the spirit and brain connection allow you to experience the joy of movement called Ballroom Dance. And possibly coming to terms with what your true life purpose is on this planet. It can be produced through prayer, mediation, spiritualism, Pranic Practices. Always an individuals choice. One of my personal favorites is the Whatever works for you. I consider BALLROOMOLOGY’s ™ final product a “Moving Meditation”

If you have followed my articles regarding the technical aspects of Ballroom Dance (you can refer to my dance blog or past or continuing articles in Dance Week) dealing with Core Placement, Body Shaping and Style and Technique. I have also addressed the behavior of fellow Dancers, Competitors, Judges and Artists.Teaching each other on and off the dance floor how we as Ballroom Dancers and Artists must UNITE and are responsible for the “Ripple” effect of the open heart connection. Inducing civic awareness and behavior to our fellow human beings, alongside the animal and plant kingdoms on this our home planet Earth.

So this is just a quick introduction of what is to come. I will be producing a series of DVD’s sometime in 2012 to show practical exercises for all the above mentioned as well as producing many Ballroom Barks! All-Stars events to unite the Ballroom World Full Force. Thanking you all for your support, wishing all of you success, peace of mind and hope you are all living LARGE with an “Attitude of Gratitude”! 2012 is “ONLY THE BEGINNING”

Bonnie Diaz
Ms. Diaz is a certified Master Yoga, Fitness and Pilates instructor as well as receiving her Fellowship status in the Ballroom, Latin, American,Theater and Performing Arts Styles. She is the first World Champion for the United States in Mambo a former Three Time Ten Dance Representative and Eleven Times Undefeated Basic Latin Champion. She resides in NYC with her two rescued cats Buji the Cheetah and Princess Amber-Angelique the 5th.

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Muscle Function and the Rumba Walk

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A Different View

Sometimes taking a hiatus from the things you love the most (like dancing) can be a blessing or a curse. For me it was a blessing. At the time I didn’t think so but now that I have become more active in the dance world specifically the competitive Ballroom and Latin dance scene by judging and coaching I believe I have a “different view”

When I’m adjudicating all these dancers, whether amateur, pro-am or professionals I have no preconceived notion of who the champions should be, nor do I have any alliances to any of “my teams” on the dance floor and clearly no vested interest in someone else’s competition since I do not run any events myself. So as one of the scrutineers smiled at me and said “come back soon you have a fresh eye” and giggled as she noted and enjoyed the mix up on the scores. I assured her I did it with no specific intent in mind except to try to judge it on the spot. But I do know I have an educated and experienced eye, and have no second thoughts about any of my decisions. And when a fellow judge or dancer asks me why I judge the way I do I have the answer.

I reviewed a wonderful piece of writing by Walter Laird called “Judging? A Science or an Art”. He originally lectured in the USA on this subject in 1988. This helps to explain why I feel I am able to judge in the moment and on the day with no regrets. No dancer can perform perfectly 100% of the time. Then why should they win 100% of the time, especially if they don’t produce the perfect product or effect? I have a different view.

Does Mr. Lairds formulas apply to today’s Dance Sport venues? I say YES! So when judging I try to stick as close to Mr. Laird’s assessable elements as possible in the short time given to the dedicated and over worked judges of today’s competitive dance world. Please note this is just a section of this brilliant mans work. His full article has much more detail.

The first section is Music and Dance Form:

Standard Dances: Waltz, Foxtrot , Quickstep: Based on Body Swing.
Tango and Paso Doble: based on Mime, Dramatic Effects and Postures.
Latin Dances: Rumba, Samba, Cha-cha and Jive. Based on Body Action.

The second section is Assessable Elements:

Group 1 (Requires Expert Assessment)

Technique 20%
Rhythmic Interpretation 20%
Characterization 20%
Total 60% and the result is Quality

Group 2 (Assessment by Experts or Public)

Choreography 10%
Presentation 10%
Efficacity 20%
Total 40% and the result is Crowd Appeal

In theory this formula totals 100% and produces IMPACT AND THE CHAMPIONS! Maybe, or maybe not.

The truth is judges are human and when under fire they may base their decisions subjectively instead of objectively. And they may have a different criteria or background to judge. They may have never even heard of Walter Laird.
Your eye gets drawn to what or whom you know. It’s human nature. My blessing is I don’t know anyone actively competing any longer. How fun is that! To start with a clean slate every time. What a gift!

That said in the competitive dance world today what guarantees do we have that the best couple of the day won? There are none. Just like life. And when trying to adjudicate to the best of my ability with the above stated formula’s as a reference many times it gets down to trying to find some percent of the above formulas working with the tremendous speed and athleticism of today’s Dance Sport couples. To get back to Wally’s original statement is it Science or Art? I throw that back in your court. But it is still my opinion that no matter what you call competitive dancing today it is still a Visual ART form. With the venues today all we can do is the best we can and apply accordingly and keep our integrity about us. Whatever direction the dances continue to evolve it will be an exciting ride. I am glad to be a part of it. Once again, just a different view.

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Trend Technique and Technology. Or “PASS THE TORCH”!

What is a trend? The general direction in which something “tends” to move.

What is Technique? The way in which the fundamentals, as of an artistic work are

What is Technology? The body of knowledge available to a society that is of use in fashioning implements, practicing manual arts and skills, and extracting or collecting materials.

I am choosing these three words because this is what I have experienced in today’s Dance Sport Competitions. I am aware of the everyday world with all of its progression and how everything is affected by it including Ballroom Dance.

Picture this. The 1930’s

Trend: Ladies skirts were below the knee and fitted. People doing Ballroom had to dance with a conservative leg action. To open their legs wider was uncomfortable with their outfits and also considered unlady like. Resulting in technique leaning towards extreme body shaping and silhouette. Not a lot of movement. Enter Alex Moore et al and the technique books. The standard has been set.

Fast forward to the 1950’s.

Trend: Ladies are wearing poodle “puff” skirts. Resulting in greater range in the leg and body actions. Even more with the 1960’s the mini skirt is the rage. So you can see where I am heading. In the progression of things I have always been taught and observed that many things influence the visual art forms including fashion.

I remember having a coaching with Bill Irvine years ago in England and he casually mentioned how he and Bobbie started to cross train in Ballet. The end result was their lines in the throw away for example were huge due to the epaulement (use of shouldering) “technique” implemented in their dance. Trend with technique perhaps? I am sure their style as well as many other greats like Peter Eggleton contributed unlimited nuances to today’s competitive Ballroom scene. Incredible Masters like Walter Laird based the Rumba walk on a “tendu” straight leg pointing action from Ballet. He told me he watched the way the good female dancers performed the feather finish in Foxtrot and that set him thinking for the leg and foot placement of the “forward walk turning” Technique mixed with trend? Today’s Hip Hop and Rap will influence how some one perceives a Cha-Cha. How well can they do it? Can they do it keeping some fundamentals in there so all can relate? All of this results in Dance Sport.

When coaching and teaching all over the country as well as judging I am very aware that Dance Sport has fully matured. Lets look at that term for a brief moment. Today’s top SPORT’S athletes have the best of everything. They have gadgets to track their progress and improve their performance. Being hooked up to computers and all kinds of equipment to monitor and alter their bodies allows them to break unheard of records. They have specialists and coaches for EVERYTHING! Nutrition, breathing, walking and mind control projection techniques. How could we not expect Ballroom Dance to be effected as well? The human race lives longer then it did one hundred years ago. The average person is taller, larger and healthier. The Scientific world is cloning plants, animals and humans. I think you get my point. So when I read articles and hear comments from different coaches or from anyone claiming there was no artistry, no character, or musicality in certain couples I want to ask, “Why are you surprised”? “Why so critical”?

Lets have a little empathy here. Imagine what the young people of today are stimulated by. Electrical devices. They are plugged in to everything. No boundaries. Exposed to sex and violence and the dreaded reality show on every channel. Don’t you think these vibrations put into the energy fields of our universe would affect Ballroom Dance? So why would that not shape Dance Sport today? What was considered “normal” fifty years ago is extinct! Why surprised at the lack of something? There is no need to interact with your fellow human being. Never mind acknowledge your dance partner! Which by the way can be Man and Woman, Man and Man or Woman and Woman. Just like life.

If I speak to a Ballet Master of yesteryear they prefer the traditional classical Ballet (think Degas paintings) because maybe that was their generations standard. Fast-forward to George Balanchine and the creation of Neo-Classical ballet. A Painters canvas displaying French Impressionism. Martha Graham rebelling against the rigid world of Ballet and daring to create Modern Dance. Musicians inventing new rhythms for your ear. We must include singers, actors, writers, philosophers and choreographers. It has all contributed to the universal energies, which we call present time today. Now whether you relate to any of this past present or future is up to you and your reality.

Just a thought and of course having an affinity to my “own” era of dance what I have learned is no matter how much you moan and groan it is what it is. When I judge, coach or lecture I am aware of my background and what I bring forth but I try to be open to what is really happening and influencing the world today. I remember watching an interview with Madonna and they asked her how she started a new video or project. She didn’t hesitate and said that she always searches for the youngest and freshest talent to stay in touch with today’s pulse. I thought very smart in deed. Not letting go of her worth as a mature lady and superstar but being smart enough to acknowledge and incorporate what is happening around her. Brilliant! And if not for her we would never have artists like Lady Ga Ga, Beyonce or Brittany Spears. There is something to be said for “passing the torch”

Playing devils advocate if you as a dance personality are disappointed with the direction of our field take responsibility and change it. Myself included. Pick a leading couple that you coach and change everything they do to what you would like to see in a final to make it resonate with you. See if what you do really makes a difference in this present day dance world. And notice I say what makes it resonate with you. That to me is the issue. The hardest thing to accept again myself included is it is not about YOU and how the final makes YOU feel compared to when YOU used to dance. It is about the actual work. What we are dealing with in this present second. Ballroom Dance. If you want more musicality and less body flight in Tango instead of reliving your past step up with what goes on in today’s top sports camps and give workshops until you drop. Produce a DVD and explain the differences and why. And most importantly instead of constantly hammering on what is wrong with today’s dance sport or art form GIVE THE SOLUTION! Address trend, technique or technology. Positive action equals positive results.

Do you think the Russian Ballet Masters knew that when they were creating their work that someone named George Balanchine would come along and re-create what they did? I think not. But I am sure where ever they are they are pleased that they could contribute to the evolution of that process. So the next time you are writing an article, judging, lecturing or coaching try to remember that we are all apiece in the puzzle moving forward. What we did in the past has been coded and put into today’s dance world. And it has made a difference. Embrace what is happening in this second only. Comparing what we all did in the past to today’s Dance world especially while judging in my opinion is a waste. Teach by example of being kind to yourselves and others. These young amazing dancers will learn from our manners and behavior patterns especially at a competition. I remember the magical soul called Benny Tolymer telling me “I could do what ever I wanted as long as it was not offensive to his eye. I always thought that was so progressive of him. He had such a youthful energy around him. Maybe this is why he was so great he embraced all in front, behind and ahead. Fundamental principle is important at all times but does not rule the world.

If you or I are really offended by something find a gentle way to offer an alternative or solution. Think Eastern and Western medicine or philosophies. Sometimes one or a combination of both is required. Many facets must be taken into consideration in today’s turbulent world. Contributing to the energy of Dance Sport you will find it comes back to you thrice fold. Trend, Technique and Technology is now! Go ahead PASS THE TORCH!!!

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