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Ballroomology℠ “The Art of Moving Meditation”

Again after researching and being on my quest for the meaning of life after Ballroom Dance I have finally come up with the tag line of which I feel finally describes how I feel about the world and the Art … Continue reading

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Partnering An Aura. Really?

I looked up many definitions of the actual word ‘Aura”. I found wonderful and interesting explanations. But they all had something in common. A  sensation or a texture. I am writing this article in a non spiritual form. Therefore I … Continue reading

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Head weight. The Missing Link?

I have actually started to comprehend the use of head weight in dance after all these years. Not that my brilliant teachers and mentors have not tried to make me aware of it’s value, it is just my ears are … Continue reading

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Regarding Cuban Hip “Action”

Regarding Cuban Hip “Action” Lets address the word action. When I looked it up there were many definitions to choose from. The one I liked best was as follows: A gesture or movement. A manner or style of doing something. … Continue reading

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Natural Wisdom

Natural Wisdom: As part of the opening series of lectures for BALLROOMOLOGY™ The study of Spirit, Mind and Body When asked why I become a dancer I give the same response each time. “I had no choice”. I just knew … Continue reading

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One Important Leg: The one you are standing on!

Part of a series in the BALLROOMOLOGY tm system of dance. As a dancer at any level beginner to professional there are certain types of movement one is expected to produce. Flawlessly I assure you but sometimes the most simple … Continue reading

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Foot Pressure. How and where does it come from?

So I have relocated to midtown Manhattan after hiding for twenty years uptown in the wilds of Central Park West. Been gifted with a new apartment three blocks away from the new Alvin Ailey Center. Basically what this means is … Continue reading

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