The power of words and who decides your potential?

potential word cloud

Based on the teachings of Mahendra Trivedi.

As we grow older and somewhat wiser we may begin to feel a little emptier. Specifically as we enter our 40’s and 50’s. We confront our mortality we watch our close friends and family suffer, transition, cross over or ascend. We become aware of those less fortunate and feel that luxuries are not as important as our overall health and well-being.

Continuing up the ladder of consciousness our life purposes may alter. What once mattered now means very little. This is a good sign. It shows that you are deciding  your own potential. Age and wisdom allow you to change perspective about yourself and the worlds around you.You will start surrounding yourself with those who share the same viewpoints and consciousness as you. You might become aware that some fellow human beings, life partners or coworkers are not your well wishers. They have lost many opportunities in their own lives and generally put others down to feel successful or secure. Staying connected with them in any way shape or form technically gives up your power of free will and allows the perspective of others to determine your potential. To your surprise you actually may feel better with out them.

Words are very important and how you define them and what they mean to you. Some examples:

Information: Acquiring new data. Not a bad thing but may bring about the emotion of excitement. Sadly it is not consistent and you will eventually crash waiting for the next wave or bit of info to surface.

Knowledge: Practical application or knowingness of data which results in calm and confidence. Or peace of mind. This of course is what we strive for. Peace of mind no matter what the situation or outcome. To have no attachment or desire the ultimate goal.

Illusion: A mirror image or deception regarding mind and body.
Delusion: A mirror image regarding mind and body that is not real.
So what is reality? Reality is your spirit and soul.

Spirit and soul your GPS system or what Magnum PI would wisely refer to as “his little voice” secretly knows what is going on. Not listening to your spirit and soul just damages your growth in the end. And usually manifests in many physical, mental and emotional illnesses.

Spirit-Reality are constantly monitoring satisfaction of experience as well as saturation of experience. Moving through these two stages will help to process to true happiness. Or no desire!

And lastly the words demand or command.

Demand: To force an order or action which your spirit knows goes against its own grain, gut feeling or instinct. It is usually fear based. A current trend which is quickly altering.

Command: Being so tuned in to your own consciousness and confidence that your position in the universe brings you all you will ever need to survive and yes even the ability to decide your own potential. This by the way is what great leaders are made of. People that have this quality not only bring out optimum potential in others but are followed into any situation or battle without anyone batting an eyelash. What we are all capable of becoming.

Surround yourself only with situations or people who are your well wishers and pay attention to your words and thoughts and you too can create and decide your own potential. Start today!!!

Bonnie Diaz
© Copyright May 2014
All rights reserved

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