Realm Reading for Ballroom Dancers. Or: Do you suffer or struggle?


Becoming a Certified Angelic Realm Reader is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It has allowed me to recognize dancers body language and human behavior that I have been notating for years. But most of all clarifying my own experiences of why some things for me were successful and why some things failed. Sometimes more than not experiencing that people didn’t get me, I them or that I just didn’t fit in. And last but not least the classic definition of insanity-suffering.“Doing the same thing over and over again and waiting for the change”

But first to acknowledge what has motivated this work. Are you suffering or struggling?Suffering is bad struggling is good. To be successful at anything requires a lot of hard work and perseverance.Struggling allows you to build character, knowledge and courage.And if you persevere you will most likely become a success and achieve your goals.If you are suffering you are in the wrong place doing the wrong thing with the wrong people or situation. Deep down your soul and spirit know this. And to add insult to injury one may have some kind of dependency or addiction to food, alcohol or drugs to either ease the pain or give you enough motivation to show up to get through the day. Been there, done that and have the t-shirt.

Today in this article I will address the four basic core realms and what their tendencies and characteristics are.
They are: Incarnated Angel, Incarnated Elemental, Star Person and Wise One. There are many combinations and hybrids among these four realms but just identifying who is what will make a difference if you suffer or struggle in your dance relationships,personal life,career, health or finances. Please remember I am not negating that all originated from the great Divine but we are made up of different genetic races on this planet.I will end each description with specific details of each realms unique eye qualities.

The master of the Angelic Realm Reading is the amazing Doreen Virtue of the prestigious Hay House organization. The brief partial descriptions I give today are from her book Realms of the Earth Angels available at Hay House publishing. A must read for all interested and her courses are available online as well.

The Incarnated Angel:
Have sweet heart shaped faces.
Have codependent relationships with addicts and alcoholics.
Have over eating or weight issues
Are professional helpers such as teachers, flight attendants, nurses and counselors

Famous Incarnated Angels: John Goodman and Elizabeth Taylor
They have pure, sweet innocence in their eyes, radiate unconditional love much like a baby deer’s eyes.

Incarnated Elementals:
They look like their name sake. Fairies, elves, pixies incarnated animals.
Do not like rules
Have mischief in their eyes
Elementals love to party
Have fiery passionate personality styles. Can have a Celtic heritage or appearance

Famous Incarnated Elementals: Julia Roberts, Robin Williams

The eyes of the Incarnated Elemental show twinkles of mischief or playfulness.

Star People:
Have always felt their “home” is another planet or star system
Have strong interests in Sci-Fi, UFO’s, space travel and ET’s.
Many use their hands to make a living. Landscaping, construction, massage and a lot of star people are Reiki Healers.

Famous Star People: Oprah Winfrey and Keanu Reeves are reputed to be star people with high minded purposes who are using the media to teach.

Star People have unusual looking eyes such as exotic iris color or uncommonly shaped eyes or eyelids.

The Wise Ones:
Have cardiovascular health conditions
Prefer their hair and clothes long and flowing with no restrictions
Are working with Earth based spirituality such as astrology, crystal healing, kabbalistic magic, herbology to name a few.

Famous Wise Ones: Johnny Depp and Angelica Houston

The Wise Ones eyes reveal deep wisdom, knowingness and often sorrow from  witnessing the history of Earth and humanity. They may have well earned bags or shadows beneath their eyes.

What I have shared is direct information from Doreen Virtues work and I am only giving you the reader a taste of what her work is about. Again there are numerous sub-categories to these basic four core realms and many blended realms and hybrids. Since becoming certified in this work it has been the missing link to complete my own personal mission. Ballroomology℠ The Art of Moving Meditation℠.  Combining Spirit, Mind and Body. This of course will be the spirit work which I feel is a main missing ingredient to the world of ballroom dance. My guru Mahendra Trivedi always says “You are 99% spirit and 1% body.This is how I will present my work teaching and coaching around the world making dancers and non dancers alike aware of their realm and if other realms are compatible with them or not.

Can you imagine being able to recognize someone in your realm and know whether to begin or stay in a relationship based on that information? Or if it is worth it to dig in your heels and work it out with someone from a different realm. Having all that data at your fingertips and being able to apply it to your own situation in life results in not suffering but struggling for your dreams and life purpose. A cause well worth fighting for? You bet! Pick the color of your wings and fly……

© Bonnie Diaz. All rights reserved May 2014
www. Virtue)

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  1. PRW says:

    Always flying with your feet on the floor Miss Diva, I look forward to more…

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