Get Out of Your Own Way


Watching the presidents state of the union address last night I was very impressed with how he had in my opinion decided to empower himself for the up and coming years to come. A born humanitarian, orator and negotiator he made me feel that he had finally taken the high road long enough. It seemed to me that what he was referring to after years of being blocked on all sides was that he was finally taking matters into his own hands to get the ball rolling and get it done. I am not a political person but I am what one would call an informed person. These last several years have been difficult for many in all areas of life. According to our higher sources this year of 2014 is the “action” year. And in my opinion his speech was a confirmation of just that.

His commitment to “get out of his own way” and just move forward type of attitude knowing it would all turn out for the best was very soothing to my soul. I feel I am doing the same thing for the first time in a long time. Creating gentle boundaries in my life with personal and business decisions, saying no when I would have never dreamed of it or had the nerve to do so. Initially I was dealing with lots of stress and anxiety when I finally realized I was acquiescing to others out of fear. Someone might not like me or I might not get that judging or coaching job. In the end it just held a lot of underlying resentment and after all these years I can still reconfirm I receive no enjoyment or satisfaction what so ever from those type of fear based decisions.

Not that I have the issues and responsibilities that our president has but I was impressed with myself that I could relate on a no fear factor and be proud of him and myself at the same time.

Why not get out of our own way with ballroom and latin dance. It is so difficult to work with a partner and acquire a result. The reoccurring stimulus of the pressure of winning, losing, making a final must be possibly what the president has felt every time he has been blocked or vetoed trying to progress forward. But he has stayed calm and cool under fire, carried on with integrity, ethics, efficiency and competency at all times and to my eye stayed true to himself. But I am sure there were great prices to pay.The news commentator kept mentioning how gray he had become. Really?

When dancing with a partner and being haunted by fear, unhappiness, failure, rejection it is time to get out of your own way. Not to depend on that other person for emotional, spiritual, mental support etc….Even though I am sure that is the ideal. While trying to produce a product and appeal to others for marks and status is a conundrum due to the fact that most couples make they’re living through a competitive venue. You most likely are doing things that you are not sure of, make no sense to you or just doing what someone else may have suggested to you possibly believing you may get the gold and title this time around. If that doesn’t work it might be time to get out of your own way and enjoy your own process. Of course it may be difficult if you and your partner are not on the same page but I have learned to have a relationship with me myself and I. The only person I stay true to is my inner guidance system- little voice and the Divine up above which in turn channels light and information throughout my heart soul and very being. By allowing this to develop into a love based relationship with oneself and the divine it creates a pretty amazing peace of mind.This is the true concept of the law of attraction. I admit I have a story board with pictures, meditate and pray daily, receive constant messages from the angels but that does not always achieve your goals and bring home the bacon. By learning to connect with the Divine through ones pure and positive thought patterns vibratory and energy levels definitely change things for the better resulting in like attracts like. Releasing old comfortable patterns which are fear based especially enhanced by competition dancing. It is a very large nut to crack and I of course admit I could NOT do this while I was competing. And if I may be so bold as to point out everyone is “fighting for the same piece of scrap”. But spiritual awareness has begun the higher powers say that our Golden Age will be completely upon us by 2027. I hope we are here to enjoy it.

I understand that dancers, competition organizers, studio owners all make a living at these venues but their will come a time when more than less will walk away from the field with an empty cup. In other words non fulfillment. This is ones most important time. You look back on what you have accomplished or tried to or how you think you failed. You can’t go back but you can change your perspective on yourself and others around you as you move forward. People operating in a fear based energy normally cannot be around someone based in strong love energy because they have no control or effect on them. And that is why after so many years people shifting or developing toward our golden age walk away from people, places and things that they thought would be a permanant fixture in their lives or each others. They seem to wake up from a sleep like state and everything has a new and different meaning or none. I hope this happens for all if not already most.

I think our president last night showed an amazing amount of courage in his perception,awareness  and presentation. I also know that everything is for a reason and predestined. I am sure he is the precursor for Hillary Clinton. I think his job this time around was to clear the way for environmental changes, racial and marital equality ,create a workforce with a united front to mention a few things and prepare the transition from the old world order to the new. Our next president will most definitely be a woman and because of Barack Obama’s legacy, true heart and light energy many things will continue to unfold before our eyes. Acknowledging the divine feminine as our countries future leader can only enhance the world of ballroom dance.

I hope this energy ripples through out the universe and affects the wonderful artists, dancers and organizers in the world of ballroom dance. May they all love themselves and the divine first, share that with all they come in contact with second and last but certainly not least get out of their own way and enjoy the process. So be it!

Bonnie Diaz
© All rights reserved January 2014

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