Amazing Grace


Amazing Grace.

                                    I can remember that song being sung at many weddings and funerals. And interesting as to why that song is sung at these particular occasions. Beginnings and endings. My biggest memory is when Elvis Presley “The King” of Rock and Roll sang it. I thought how amazing is that. “Elvis The Pelvis” chose to sing that song? I knew he had gospel roots but what motivated him to stay connected to that sound or even to those words or expressions? Grace amazing grace.

                                                    What is Grace?
1 simple elegance or refinement of movement: she moved through the water with effortless grace.
• courteous goodwill: at least he has the grace to admit his debt to her.
• (graces) an attractively polite manner of behaving: she has all the social graces .
2 (in Christian belief) the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings.
• a divinely given talent or blessing: the graces of the Holy Spirit.
• the condition or fact of being favored by someone: he fell from grace because of drug use at the Olympics.
3 (also grace period )a period officially allowed for payment of a sum due or for compliance with a law or condition, esp. an extended period granted as a special favor: another three days’ grace.
4 a short prayer of thanks said before or after a meal: before dinner the Reverend Newman said grace.

With all these definitions pick one and see how they apply to ones soul, one’s spirit, a dancing partner, a performance or life situation. Which one of these definitions resonates with you? Does your partner or situation resonate with the same definition? Maybe different definitions apply to each situation accordingly. Or their could be one that is a constant through out.

Is being graceful an action someone is born with or is it a learned skill they develop through life experiences. How does someone become a graceful spirit, dancer or human being? How much energy does it take to develop an awareness of self and all those around you to treat each encounter as a “moving meditation”? A moving “graceful” meditation. Dancing with a partner in some form of a dance venue. Social, practice, competitive or performance. Should it not contain some state of grace.

When watching someone perform in any venue why do we experience some visual-performance artists as graceful and some not? How can people be graceful in a social situation and not on a dance floor and vice versa? Can dancers, artists and the like be mechanically and technically correct and still be graceful? Maybe, maybe not. It’s perception I suppose.

Is it like Martha Graham implied when you walk out on to that stage you are naked you cannot hide your soul. Is she suggesting that what is really present is a spiritual being in the form of a body.  Are we just a funnel or channel for the universal flow of energy called dance? Do other artists, painters, singers, carry this divine energy within to make them above and beyond the rest? Is this what created the da Vinci’s and Monet’s of this world.

Example: The seven Chakra’s of the body. We all have a central energy channel in our bodies hooked up to a higher power. Call it what you like but it does exist. Spiritual masters have written and lectured about them for centuries whether you are aware of it or not. Why could Mozart compose at age three? There are tons of examples like this through out history many existing in our time and of course many more to come.

If the lower chakras are more activated in a person does their dancing become more earthy, grounded, weighted or sexual? Do they become a sexual predator if their energies are out of balance? Have they fallen from grace. If a person’s upper body chakras are more dominant do they become a more light and ethereal heart energy. Is that what creates the great spiritual leader the Dalai Lama or shapes that lithe ballerina Gelsey Kirkland?

Can people who are predominant with different energy centers work, play or dance together in a state of grace? Can people activate these energies upon will or are we gifted with a certain energy in our bodies to give us our style, personality or life purpose? Can the one chakra of the heart be the true channel for all definitions of how to achieve and maintain grace and connect all as one. If one and all dance and live with an open heart can this change the perception of dance, and life as we know it on the planet. Possibly yes! I am sure at times one comes to a point in their lives where they have accomplished everything and it means nothing.  

Did great artists like Elvis Presley and Whitney Houston with their gospel backgrounds loose their original connection of loving what they do. Being gifted with a state of grace. Why did they end up with a monkey on their back and have to leave this planet way too soon? Are they not recurring and classic examples of the gifted human spirit falling from a state of grace? I am of the personal belief that all beings are born with these gifts but loose them along the way for what ever reasons.

It’s perception. Example: Our eyes are not really seeing they are just the vehicle our brain uses to perceive what is happening. If we go to different galaxy’s and solar systems(of which their are millions) there are sure to be different colors, sounds, languages that we are not conditioned to receive or perceive like we do on this planet. Therefore can we not become aware of a different energy to coexist with our fellow human being in a new and perceived state of grace. Dancing included?

This is the year of the snake, a number six year, the age of love, the age of Aquarius. Can a person who does not look like a super model or an A list movie star achieve a state of grace? Of course they can. We all feel a glimpse of it when we remember but we have been conditioned to forget. Open your heart to receive and give love. Make this your priority and you will be rewarded and transported into a constant state of grace. In the end that’s all that matters. Operating in a state of grace requires extreme concentration and awareness to stop judgement of your fellow human being, disconnect from all monkey mind chat and perceive everything with an open heart. The only cure.

The definition of emotional trauma is “waiting or expecting someone or something to give you fulfillment”. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and waiting for the change. Did it for years it’s NEVER going to happen.The only thing you can keep working towards is that open heart and love connection with yourself and the divine power up above. What ever that is for you. Your perception. It will give you peace of mind, safety, healing and allow you to handle any situation with grace and style. Who can ask for anything more.

I think if Elvis and Whitney could chat with us all right know they would smile, possibly hint at some of their mistakes, hope that we have learned quickly from theirs. But what if all they said was pick a definition of grace that resonates with you and life your life by it. Perception. It is so simple. We are born with it we all have free will to utilize it. Just don’t forget it! You will be truly amazed…grace amazing grace. It’s at the beginning and it’s at the end.

Bonnie Diaz
© copyright February 2012
creator of Ballroomology℠ “The Art of Moving Meditation”™ e-book now available

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