Partnering An Aura. Really?

I looked up many definitions of the actual word ‘Aura”. I found wonderful and interesting explanations. But they all had something in common. A  sensation or a texture. I am writing this article in a non spiritual form. Therefore I will submit several different definitions to apply to this article.

1. The distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, place or thing.

2. An invisible emanation -a scent or oder.

3. Latin form the Greek breezy or breath.         My personal favorite.

Can one really partner an aura? Of course you can. You do it in every day life. Technically an aura extends about four feet around you in a circle. It enters the room before you do. You instinctively perceive it when walking down the street. Do you sense or perceive how to walk past someone without making physical contact. Or sit on a crowded subway with grace and ease? An action that we take for granted however it is part of our every day life and functions. And when you have or almost have a physical altercation with someone I guess you can say you did not partner their aura. Or you just can’t explain why you don’t like someones energy even before you meet them. Again sensing or feeling someones energy or aura.

But lets relate this to Ballroom Dance. We have to sense, track, feel and judge different speeds, shapes and distances when dancing with someone. Or if you are dancing in a formation you are partnering the aura or energy of the whole team into one great ameba. I always have beautiful pictures of Radio City and the Rockette’s with amazing precision dancing or the Irish Dancers especially Michael Flatly productions. But I digress.

The three types of leading or partnering in my mind are Visual, Turning and Shaping. These must be perceived and responded to with split second timing. You can practice for hours but as they say in the military if you can’t smell them coming down wind you haven’t got a chance.

Have you ever watched a couple perform a routine and time rotations in perfect unison without  ”seeing each other”? Or lift work that looks like nothing happened yet you saw the girl fly through the air with the greatest of ease? That my friend is partnering an aura. I don’t care what you call it. Connecting to a live energy and forcefield of a partner is the only way to go. People will say I don’t know it just happens. But I tell you whether they are aware of it or not that is what is being applied.

It is easier to develop these awarenesses by not doing set routines. Different exercises strengthen different senses. A non sighted person has amazing hearing and WILL react to a breath or breeze. Inner visions if you will. One person could have on a blind fold or keep eyes closed and react to any of the above or all three of the definitions stated. Let the sighted partner guide you around the room in different directions.Turn you, dip you, spin you. And of course the ultimate ask you to fall back into their arms. It can be any partner leading, following or taking turns. Alternate doing it with or without music. Use a waltz song to practice a Cha-Cha. Do a Viennese to a Rumba.You have to tune into each other so differently. And after all It is just an exercise. Maybe alternate and do it without music.

See if your partner can feel the exhalation of breath in your hand and respond to a change of shape, turn or direction. Alternate different breath patterns to see who responds best to what. Remember while competing or performing there is no guarantee that they will play a song that you like or that the circumstances will be perfect for you to perform. So get ready!

One person can keep the blindfold on the whole rehearsal. Have it on when you walk in the door change your shoes and begin. A great reference was the movie 9 and a half weeks from the 1980’s with Kim Bassinger and Mickey Rourke. He blindfolded her and just did different things to her. Fed her different things to activate her taste, sprayed different scents around her and my favorite giving her cough syrup. It was sensual, created trust but really showed how to partner ones aura or energy in a whole different perspective. Kind of like people on a spiritual journey who blindfold themselves live in a cave in darkness for a year. Talk about a change of perspective! I met a gal who did it. Trust me she was no way living in darkness. Going with in can only activate the light from the inside out.

We can become very used to each other movements in life and dance. To partner someone should be a breeze. Easy soft and gentle. We should be able to match or perceive each others breath for the ultimate partnering in dance. We should also be aware of doing this as an exercise by ourselves. It is important to be aware of the energy one is creating for ones self and for others.

An interesting exercise would be to spin someone like the game spin the tail on the donkey while they are blindfolded (gently of course) and then start dancing. They will develop a whole different awareness. The hearing changes, the smell increases, the body may react with a shiver to a new touch. It can be very interesting. And most importantly it is organic.

Rehearse outside in the park. What is the stimulus around you? How does your behavior change to your partner or to the people viewing you as you move.

Pick a color that you see as the other person’s aura. What does that color represent and how would you dance with that color as the goal.Pick your own color and do the same. You can do the same thing with smell. Burn some incense. Spray a chocolate scent in the room. How does that change the body language and perceptions. Dance in the rain like Gene Kelly, practice in the pool or lake like Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swazey in Dirty Dancing. Dance in the  snow or any type of texture that you can think of.

That is the key word TEXTURE! Whether you know it or not energy and aura’s create a feeling but they have a texture. And that is what you are trying to identify and recreate at will. Like these wonderful sound machines that are supposed to relax you. Birds singing, a waterfall, jungle sounds. They are all a texture that make you partner the auras of everyday living including yourself. The atmosphere that you have to deal with on an every day basis. When you are taking a coaching or a dance lesson or rehearsing with your partner remember you are partnering an aura.Your’s and the other people involved. And of course everyone else you meet. Pick your color, smell, texture sound or exercise and make it work for you!!!

Today I am feeling very orange. Really? How about you?

Bonnie Diaz
creator Ballroomology℠

© Copyright November 2012

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2 Responses to Partnering An Aura. Really?

  1. michkdl2 says:

    Bonnie I so enjoy reading your essays. They all make me think. They all help fill in blanks for a person like me with no dance background. They make me realize that this is truly a team sport. I appreciate that your writings are bigger than a “skill drill”. Thanks for sharing. Hoping all is well with you. Michelle Bonura.

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