Ballroomology℠ “The Art of Moving Meditation”

Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra

Again after researching and being on my quest for the meaning of life after Ballroom Dance I have finally come up with the tag line of which I feel finally describes how I feel about the world and the Art of Ballroom Dance. And what must be taught so we can contribute back to humanity through this venue.

I have been on a year long hiatus from life due to the sickness of a very dear friend who I finally laid to rest on October 3, this past year. I was his friend and caretaker. I was with him last December 2011 when he announced to me he had a “pancreatic” condition and was by his side for his final breath on October 2, 2012. This experience has altered my reality totally. Of course I have experienced the passing of too many animals, friends and relatives. But I have not been with them every single second of the transition. I can only describe this past year as having witnessed the crucifixion and the resurrection.

Which brings me back to the words the “art of moving meditation”. When you know that someone you are with may leave this earth at any minute you value every second with them and take nothing for granted. Be it walking to the diner for a meal, watching a favorite show, or just listening while they share their life review. I often wonder why I did not regard everyone in my life this way in the past. Perhaps that is my lesson this time around.

Every action and thought we shared in this past year was literally a “meditation”. We had our ups and downs but deep down we both knew this was it. I know we both tried to be as caring to each other at all times. If I had to help him up or down, give him an injection or medication, or just hold his hand I was so mindful of the type of touch he felt. I wanted him comfortable at all times no matter what. And I believe in my heart that I did accomplish this and that he was at peace when he passed. The most interesting thing  “Fritzi” shared with me was how he was now convinced that their was a God or something greater up there. Through out his whole ordeal he had NO pain. He was so grateful for that gift from the Divine.

So my goal from this point on is how do you help people to become aware of their actions to create the “art of moving mediation”. Ballroom dance is so important. It teaches people how to treat and be aware of one another. In partnering one must be aware of the others person comfort. If we do this the rest is happiness and joy. Or the state of mind where we are just being grateful for sharing the gift of dance. Art Imitates life or Life Imitates Art so we can go either way. But developing rehearsal and technical skills to be in the cloud, bubble or  a shared aura with your partner is the key. Being pure of heart with intent to do good. One can never go wrong.

Being so tuned into each others reality that we can align ourselves with each other’s energies and survive any storm or disaster be it hurricane Sandy or not placing in the final or not making the final at all. How you view, understand or touch each other should be sacred at all times on and off the floor. Finding joy in mistakes and turning them around to work for you. Creating memories that you can share as you grow and age is priority. And I assure you will age not matter how many Botox injections you receive.

This energy ripples to everyone you come into contact with. A community for the “Art of Moving Meditation” would be my goal. Practice all of your technique and footwork galore but in the end there is only love. Unconditional love which will guide you to make the correct decisions and behavior we all secretly want to be a part of. Experiencing joy and happiness in life and most importantly sharing it in dance. If one connects to their higher power or to the God of they’re understanding the spirituality and meaning of life finally has a priority. How you do that is up to you. But before your career and life are over this will be something to consider. There are the sleepwalkers that are stuck in their last title of yesteryear and possibly rule with fear and intimidation to a select few to either persuade them to take a lesson or coaching from them or hire them for your next competition. Or the dreaded they will”Not Mark You”. They are just cowards operating in extreme fear. I mean really what does that mean? You have put your life or your self worth or your values on someone or something like a number from a pen and from a person who possibly never experienced dancing or even made a final round.

How do you instill this state of mind into the up and coming generations? The youth I see in public and private or in studios or in competitions I have deep concern for them. They are our future. The time to teach them skills in “The Art of Moving Meditation” through unconditional love is now. Making the goal of winning means nothing. This is all so temporary. In the end we are all here on borrowed time. Why will people wait for a disaster to become a community and treat each other gently and with kindness? In my opinion they have no love for themselves of any kind. Being vulnerable is a very scary thing. Daring to have unconditional love for yourself,others and a connection with the God of you’re understanding will totally alter what is important in your life and what is not. Not having this open heart will keep you in fear and not allow you to become who you really are spiritually, emotionally, mentally and most importantly how you can help serve humanity through the “The Art of Moving Meditation” and Ballroom Dance.

Lastly I just want to address the word habits. Habits: A regular tendency or practice that is hard to give up. Think about it. Are your habits stopping you from becoming a fully operating functional human being in every area and aspect of your life? It’s easier to get drunk than to jog or exercise. Easier to walk past someone in need on the street and continue texting on your phone. Easier to walk away in dance rehearsal because your partner pissed you off last competition. One must refresh their motivation daily. It is not easy but this is a criteria to carry on as a human being and of course a Ballroom Dancer.

In closing would like to quote Buddha. I think he sums up my thoughts on Ballroomology℠ and “The Art Of Moving Meditation”

1. Human Birth is hard to attain and extremely precious. We must do something of value with the opportunity.

2. All things are impermanent. The body that we are so attached to will soon be a corpse.

3. Karma is an immutable law. The results of our actions will return to us, so we must plant good seeds.

4. Samsara, the world of perpetual desires in which we have been trained to live, creates endless suffering. We must rise above it for our own benefit and the benefit of all beings.

I am so grateful to “Fritzi” for choosing me and allowing me to witness all of the above. I know I will continue to do him proud.

Bonnie Diaz
creator Ballroomology℠ “The Art of Moving Meditation”

© Copyright November 2012

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2 Responses to Ballroomology℠ “The Art of Moving Meditation”

  1. michkdl2 says:

    Your thoughts create the opportunity to review my own life situations. Thank you.

  2. michkdl2 says:

    Once again I am thinking. Thank you.

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