Natural Wisdom


Natural Wisdom:
As part of the opening series of lectures for BALLROOMOLOGY™ The study of Spirit, Mind and Body

When asked why I become a dancer I give the same response each time. “I had no choice”. I just knew since childhood that is what I was meant to do. Its what I call “Natural Wisdom”. All are born with it. We seem to let it guide us through childhood and sadly as we grow older we either ignore it or learn not to trust its value. Your intuition, your gut feeling, or your little voice as some people call it. I am now almost fifty-five years of age have quit a bit of life experience under my belt, have so much more to learn but a few things are starting to come into focus. A new perspective if you will. The veil is finally lifting. The Spiritual veil.

After following my life’s purpose and achieving fame and fortune, I retired from the Competitive Ballroom world empty. I won world championships, traveled the world, made lots of money. The more successful I became the more unhappy I had become. My relationship with my then husband and dance partner was a lie. We treated each other horribly on and off the dance floor. In the end none of the monies or tittles or prestige mattered. I just wanted to feel good. Find a little inner peace. Experience some joy during a performance and in every day life. Like I did when I was a child with my natural wisdom.

Acknowledging your body as a facility for perfect technique is a good thing. Focusing your mind and brain to train it to utilize certain patterns of action is a good thing as well. Top coaches from all walks of life are incorporating the Mind-Body connection. In the end you may have a robot that deep in their soul knows there is something missing. No real connection, no peace of mind or joy. Olympic champions still do steroids, famous people like Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson still die tragically. So out of balance. Why? They had it all. Or so you would think.

BALLROOMOLOGY tm is here to help people become aware of the connection to spirit through the study of Ballroom Dance. To complete the balance needed for the mind and the body. The trinity or triangle if you will.

What is the definition of spirit or spirituality? The awareness  of a divine power, of a universal energy, a connection to a God of your understanding, opening your heart to a state of unconditional love, experiencing compassion as a daily exchange with everything you encounter. These emotions or feeling are all encompassing in all walks of life. Coming to terms with the idea that none of this is permanent and we are all “just passing through” is really what this strong shift of energy is about. This truly is an illusion. Scientists are finally reporting that after years of study that there is a “God Particle”. I am glad the scientific community is finally coming around. Late as they may be. Bottom line call it what you like there is something much bigger and greater out there.

No matter what your age or your background we are all born with certain gifts, talents or skills. Some are lucky enough to utilize them, share them or even better make a living at them. But after researching for many years on myself and working with other’s reaching a certain body position, extension, winning a trophy there is still no true satisfaction. Yes, one may have a winners high for few days, make more money gain some more power. But in the end we all must die and leave this planet. The perfect Rumba walk or Feather Finish will not help you at this point. Being a Billionaire and having every material thing you wished for will not prevent this cross over. I can only ask “how well will you exit”?

One can only feel free from fear and anxiety at all times if they are aware of the spirituality that has been circling us for eons. Especially now more than ever things are happening resulting in a greater shock value. Couples who have been together for thirty years are splitting, wealthy people are walking away from their jobs to live a quiet life on a farm in Vermont. CEO’s and people of extreme power and wealth are committing suicide daily. Their souls and sprits instinctively know none of this is permanent and the only thing we can take with us is our spirit. How you have behaved during your lifetime will effect your soul eventually. Ballroom dance will instinctively elevate your consciousness if presented from a state of unconditional love for yourself and most importantly your partner. On and off the dance floor! Start now. Meditate a few minutes every day to stay calm. Be aware of your mind chat when with others. Keep your thoughts positive. Say only positive things. Think only positive things. Treat everything on this planet with caring and respect. It can only ripple to a positive results. Love all, Serve all. Practicing these energies is just as important as practicing a dance step.

Ballroom dance is an amazing venue for this. Once you acknowledge spirit and see the totality of the other person you will enjoy the sensation of acceptance. This spiritual energy allows you to enjoy yourself or anyone you should happen to interact with. Doing a Cha-Cha with someone becomes a joyful feeling and exchange for all involved. They will react off your energy. When connected with the divine your heart chakra is open you feel joy no matter what level of dance it is. Sooner or later you will realize that is all that matters. It very hard to achieve this state and just like becoming a champion and it takes practice, practice practice.

My biggest conclusion is that I have now decided to start all my teachings and lectures with this awareness of spirit and after that mind and body will fall into place. Lets embrace the natural wisdom of childhood we were all gifted with. Why settle for a piece of the puzzle when acknowledging the spirituality of Ballroom dance frees your heart. Your mind and body have no choice but to follow. Everyone’s perfect partner. Yourself and the Divine .

In winding down from the heavens I would joyfully like to quote the great Jazz Master Luigi who has been saying this to me since I first met him at nineteen years of age: “To learn how to dance put your hand on your heart and listen to the sound of your soul”. Natural Wisdom our gift to ourselves from the Divine.

Bonnie Diaz
© copyright July 2012

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