The Divine Feminine : “HERSTORY” not “HISTORY”

And so we continue to have the Masculine energies control and possibly destroy our sacred planet and universe. Through warfare, global warming,hunger, and more than anything the territorial scenting glands that the Divine Male is gifted with. Many times I have observed in life the bad behavior of men specifically if they do not get what they want. Sadly I have been told “it’s a man’s world”. Well look where that has gotten us people.!!!!! Now I am not saying that the feminine race has not been without her faults but I point out very briefly the “HISTORY” and the “HERSTORY” of the human race. Specifically the treatment of women along the way. Harems, Slave trading, Rape camps, NO voting until 1920, no rights about child-birth, real-estate, or birth control etc…I am focusing on the Divine Feminine and her heartache. There are many issues on both sides in all categories but I am trying to point out that what has trickled into the Ballroom World and certain treatment of one another stems from these practices and learned behaviors.

The Divine Feminine is an energy that must be honored until the end of times. Mother Earth is the ultimate Divine Feminine. Women are the nurturers of the planet and their fellow human beings. They are beaten down to have to acquiesce to all different lower stations in life, and forced to accept low comprehension of themselves. Politics, CEOs, unequal pay and if they do perform better than their male counter parts they are labeled a “BITCH”! I always remember a famous quote from Frederick Douglas regarding slavery. To paraphrase he stated “He would rather be a an African-American Male Slave Then a Woman”. He more than anyone understood the pecking order.

The abusive interaction of partners toward each other is with the initial misconception that one must lead and one must follow. We have an incorrect set up and situation from the get go. How can one human being be put in that position physically, mentally, emotionally or otherwise without losing their integrity, identity, or dignity? And on top of that using another person’s state of mind or possible imperfect body alignments and or techniques as the gauge? The situation disenfranchises the “follower” immediately and in my opinion the Divine Feminine cannot relate to the Divine Masculine no matter how hard they may pretend. Hence the non-organic connection and unfulfilled weight shift between partners is born.

Techniques may be introduced to reinforce the basic fundamental treatment of each other. Possibly establishing guidelines and common vocabularies to help people enjoy their life’s purpose. Sharing their journey on this planet depends on treatment and awareness of self and their fellow human beings and all the other predominant kingdoms. They are there and must be acknowledged. They are not going away. One must figure them into the formulas as well. This is the beginning of the Collective Ballroom Consciousness.

Again I say the “old” ways are thinning and losing ground very quickly. Bullying techniques are no longer tolerated in the school systems amongst children as well as in the work place or in the streets. Power and its misuse will not guarantee you or your loved ones good health or your next trophy. The Divine Feminine is a state of mind and consciousness. All who embrace this energy shall prevail for the next cycle which has already begun and will continue to rebirth for the December 2012 date. But I must say in their favor quite a few men have changed their ways which does bring a sigh of relief but still it’s nowhere near enough. Unfortunately when some horrific or life altering sickness or event has touched or effected them do men open their body mind and spirit to this magnificent energy. Well better late than never. And on the other hand not all women are hooked into their power even though it is their birthright. Sometimes they have to be reminded about the gifts they came in with. Why not start with the art of Ballroom Dance?

BALLROOMOLOGY tm is dedicated to getting the balance back into the program. The Divine Feminine shall be acknowledged as an important and equal part in this equation of Ballroom and Latin Dance. The balance of this planet and the next generation depends on it. Opening your Body Mind and Spirit to the Divine Feminine will not only enhance your being but will allow you to view the Art of Ballroom Dance with new eyes. Creating the “Moving Meditation” between dancers ensures the growth and healing for all involved regarding this unsurpassable ART form and life style known as Ballroom Dance! The Divine Feminine with “HERSTORY”……. pay attention, stay alert if she gifts you with a visit be ready to receive it. Take it and by all means CHERISH it. It is only a matter of time. SO BE IT!

Bonnie Diaz
All rights reserved
Copyright Bonnie Diaz 2012

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2 Responses to The Divine Feminine : “HERSTORY” not “HISTORY”

  1. Mike Terrace says:

    Hello Bonnie, I enjoyed your article on Herstory (Good Title) you write exceptionally well My wife loved it. Elita and I have always thought that we or some dancer (Maybe U) should create a dance where the lady leads.Keep up the good work in writing and dancing.
    See you on the dance floor. Mike Terrace & Elita

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