Ballroom Consciousness or Apocalypse?

My first thought: Is there such a thing? Does this relate to the individual, to the universal collective consciousness or to the awakening of spirituality which is predicted by the end of 2012. I say yes to all of the above.

We as human beings have a soul other wise known as our GPS system. We know organically whether something is right or wrong. How we choose to act with this data I suppose separates the good from the bad. If there is such a thing. Darkness stated by the enlightened Masters is “just the absence of light”.

In sharing BALLROOMOLGY tm with the intention of incorporating the awareness of Body, Mind and Spirit it has started a ripple effect amongst the masses to learn correct and true data relating to their craft. Which upon instinct they know is true. Joyful is the feeling to watch people whether they be student or Master (if there is a difference?) to recall data on their own without depending on approval from others. Be it judge, delivery boy or soul mate. This empowers each individual to progress at their own pace and produce upon free will their desire to dance with comprehension and awareness. Gone will be the days of painful experiences in your dancing bodies. Upon reaching out and hooking up to the new age, spirituality and the Ballroom Collective will be supportive of all human, animal and plant kingdoms. Once people feel this they will never settle for anything less and they will never turn back! It is already in progress.

It is only a matter of time before the existing structure of the powers that be will be deconstructed. They will have no choice. Look at occupy Wall Street or the financial base of so many European countries that continue to collapse. People do not want to be controlled, manipulated given ultimatums or told what to do anymore. The materialistic energies will be shrinking sooner than one thinks. One can only depend on themselves and their relationship with the DIVINE (who or whatever that is for you) to be stable and secure. Know that the window and veil of this energy is closing fast. December 2012 SAVE THE DATE!

The planets according to the scientific community are closing in toward each other for the first time in centuries. This universal shift will be effecting all on this planet Earth and what a better way to celebrate then to open your Body, Mind and Soul to this new phenomena.This same scientific community has finally admitted to consulting spiritual masters because they know there is more out there then meets the eye.

In the end one cannot take their trophy with them. But they can take their energy with them and use it to give back to where they are supposed to be utilized. This spiritual shift is an amazing energy. By the end of 2012 we on this planet will be living a new way of life. Not because of the so-called Apocalypse theory that people fear. Never operate in fear. It will be that finally the masses will convert to a universal consciousness that will have all people acting and making decisions based on the best outcome for all involved.Those who choose to lean toward the dark sadly will have a very hard time surviving on our planet.

This WILL effect the Ballroom World. And I am looking forward to this. All levels of dancer will question their life purpose. They will question each others actions to teacher, student and friend alike. All who choose to follow the light will benefit to a state of PEACE OF MIND. No matter how many titles one racks up a trophy does not promise any kind of peace to your heart or soul. If one gets “excited” about events or situations that is not wrong but it is an up and down crash. You won a competition one day you lose the next .There is no “security” in those feeling. The Ballroom Collective’s job at this point is to ensure all are reinstating the love of the craft and ARTISTRY Ballroom Dance was originally supposed to supply for this planet. People want to feel good about themselves when they learn to dance. When they feel good-by knowing and duplicating the correct data to produce their product at any time all the world wins. It can only ripple to help all transition in these tumultuous times.

The goal of BALLROOMOLGY tm is to share as much knowledge and data as possible concerning Body Mind and Spirit so all may hook up to this magnificent new age of enlightenment to once again recall how we all love to dance and respond to music. My life’s purpose is to get the information out to the masses. What is yours? Once one remembers how GOOD IT FEELS TO EXPERIENCE JOY through dance there is no turning back. If you look back through history an individual usually thinks out of the box is strongly persecuted for it but in the end the masses adapt their concept. Very interesting no?

So yes there is a Ballroom Consciousness that will be in full force by the end of 2012. People will have drastic life altering changes. It is happening already. Your GPS system is guiding you to the next level. You might leave a long time partner, move to another state, leave your “safe” job for something else, change your approach to how to learn, work, honor and treat the art of Ballroom Dance. That will be your own person apocalypse. This equals TRANSFORMATION! I am here to share your journey. It will be something to look forward to always.

See you in the next dimension GOOD LUCK!

Bonnie Diaz


All rights reserved

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