Bonnie Diaz proudly presents: “BALLROOMOLOGY” ™ The Study of Ballroom Dance.

Embracing three categories. Body Mind and Spirit.

For many years I have been researching and trying to come up with a practical system to learn and teach Ballroom Dance from beginner to professional. The universe has sent me a variety of clientele to work with. I have had the privilege to work with Mentally and Physically challenged people as well as top dance champions and dance companies like Ballet Hispanico or be a returning guest teacher for Gelsey Kirkland. Bottom line is they ALL want to dance. The joy of this research has been that I am able to work with every population that has been gifted to me. Through much trial and error I might add. The Pregnant mother, the people just out of the hospital recovering from Brain Surgery, people with MS or with extreme Scoliosis. The “older crowd” who are my personal favorites the oldest being ninety plus moving and still dancing strong! In the end everyone eventually wants to dance to the best of their ability and achieve a better quality of life on and off the dance floor. So here is my gift to the world “BALLROOMOLOGY” ™ “The Body Mind and Spirit Dance Consciousness”

Utilizing and understanding Kinetic Energies in the body as well as Anatomical Placement to produce a healthier functional lifestyle, a consistent stellar dance performance or a successful teaching platform.
Incorporating Core Placement, Body Shaping and Style and Technique to connect with your body as a whole and unite with others using the same information and data. A “common vocabulary” if you will.

Using Mental imaging and Clarity to help identify what muscles joints and bones etc.. are in the body and how they function to create the dance form or product desired. Example: Which of the six external hip rotators are used most to create turn out. That would be the Piriformus Muscle. Identify it learn the place of origin and insertion of those muscles and use that active image to send the impulse to that area to produce and maintain a beautiful Rumba walk. Also using exercises from some one like Master Choa Kok Sui and his SuperBrainYoga (to illuminate and stimulate both sides of the brain) are one of my favorites for Mental Clarity. Many others are available to choose from.

A personal choice. But one must acknowledge love of oneself, the dance, honor the craft and other life forms on the planet. After being guided to complete the Body Mind process the ripple effect of the heart opening results in little or no effort to follow your inner guidance system. The result is the spirit and brain connection allow you to experience the joy of movement called Ballroom Dance. And possibly coming to terms with what your true life purpose is on this planet. It can be produced through prayer, mediation, spiritualism, Pranic Practices. Always an individuals choice. One of my personal favorites is the http://www.TrivediFoundation.org Whatever works for you. I consider BALLROOMOLOGY’s ™ final product a “Moving Meditation”

If you have followed my articles regarding the technical aspects of Ballroom Dance (you can refer to my dance blog http://www.BonnieDiazDance@wordpress.com or past or continuing articles in Dance Week) dealing with Core Placement, Body Shaping and Style and Technique. I have also addressed the behavior of fellow Dancers, Competitors, Judges and Artists.Teaching each other on and off the dance floor how we as Ballroom Dancers and Artists must UNITE and are responsible for the “Ripple” effect of the open heart connection. Inducing civic awareness and behavior to our fellow human beings, alongside the animal and plant kingdoms on this our home planet Earth.

So this is just a quick introduction of what is to come. I will be producing a series of DVD’s sometime in 2012 to show practical exercises for all the above mentioned as well as producing many Ballroom Barks! All-Stars events to unite the Ballroom World Full Force. Thanking you all for your support, wishing all of you success, peace of mind and hope you are all living LARGE with an “Attitude of Gratitude”! 2012 is “ONLY THE BEGINNING”

Bonnie Diaz
Ms. Diaz is a certified Master Yoga, Fitness and Pilates instructor as well as receiving her Fellowship status in the Ballroom, Latin, American,Theater and Performing Arts Styles. She is the first World Champion for the United States in Mambo a former Three Time Ten Dance Representative and Eleven Times Undefeated Basic Latin Champion. She resides in NYC with her two rescued cats Buji the Cheetah and Princess Amber-Angelique the 5th.

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